How Kamana Helps Healthcare Pros Better Manage Their Careers

Kamana enables you to create one professional profile to efficiently and securely manage your healthcare career. Kamana is your free, secure, digital wallet and relationship management tool. Kamana was created by nurses and healthcare pros for nurses and allied health pros just like you.  

A Complete Professional Portfolio

  • A living resume that includes everything you need to apply for new opportunities.
  • Can be used with or without your employer being part of the Kamana platform.

Secure, Automated Credential + Profile Management

  • Securely store and manage all licenses, certifications, medical history documents, and more.
  • Receive automated reminders of when items are expiring.

Your Digital Wallet

  • Kamana's dedication to personal privacy means we put health professionals like you first. Your profile is fully secure. And it's entirely yours.
  • Access anytime. Mobile. Tablet. Laptop. Desktop. Kamana was built for your on the go lifestyle.