Welcome to Kamana! Follow these steps to learn the fundamentals and have your Kamana account up and running in no time! 

We’ve created a two part 25-minute webinar series to help you quickly and efficiently learn how to use Kamana.

Getting Started with Kamana: Account Configuration (25 minutes)

Getting Started with Kamana: Let's Get Staffing (25 minutes)

The following articles will help you get started configuring your Kamana account and preparing to start interacting with Healthcare Professionals on the platform.

Configuring Your Kamana Account

  1. Create and Confirm Your Agency Account
  2. Invite Your Agency Team Members
  3. Complete Your Agency Preferences
  4. Build Your Document Library
  5. Create Facilities
  6. Create Clients and Contracts
  7. Create an eSignature Template
  8. Build out Credentialing Requirements
  9. Manage Your Jobs

Using Kamana with Healthcare Professionals

  1. Add your Kamana Portal link to your website
  2. Subscribe to New Talent Sign Up Notifications
  3. Learn How Talent Profile Collaboration Works
  4. Invite A Healthcare Professional
  5. Add Employer Attachment and Employer Note
  6. Message a Healthcare Professional Through In-App Chat
  7. Send an e-Signature Request to a Healthcare Professional
  8. Understand Engagements
  9. Explore the Expiring Credentials Dashboard

We're glad you're with us.