The Compliance - Dashboard (accessed via Navigation Pane) gives you a birds eye view of licenses, certifications, and medical history records that are expiring for Engaged Talent within the next 60 days. Expiring credentials will populate on the dashboard when: 

You can click on the credential from the dashboard to quickly jump to the details, or send the Talent a message.

Note that the Talent will receive notifications from Kamana about expiring credentials regardless of their status. The Kamana platform continues to notify healthcare professionals about expiring credentials throughout their career, so they're always ready to go when it comes time to work with you. In addition to the expiration date visibility within multiple areas of the platform, notifications are sent at the following intervals: 60 days out, 45 days out, 30 days out, 15 days out, the day of expiration, and 15 days after expiration.