When a Kamana agency account is created the account date format defaults to YYYY-MM-DDDD. The account date format impacts how dates are displayed in a few areas:

  • how dates appear on merge fields within the integrated fill/sign feature set (for example, when date of birth is used on a template)
  • how dates appear on access logs (access logs coming soon!) 

The account date format can be updated by the Account Owner to create a system wide change. There are three date formatting options available: YYYY-MM-DDDD (international standard), DD Month Abbreviation YYYY (standard Internet Message Format), and US Date (MM/DD/YYYY). To change the account date format, the Account Owner should: 

  1. Navigate to Organization > Preferences
  2. Click the edit (pencil) icon next to 'Account Settings' 
  3. Choose the desired preferred date format
  4. Click Save Changes