Viewing Job Requisitions

  • To see all job requisitions for your agency, select the Job Requisitions module from the navigation pane. 
  • All job requisitions will be listed. Filters at the top of the page can be used to sort by: 
    • Profession
    • Specialty
    • Job Status(Any Status, Open, Closed)
    • State
  • The search bar can also be used to filter by a keyword in the Job Title or the Origin Reference Number 
    • (ex. ICU, 123456, ect.)

Editing or Closing a Job Requisition 

  • To edit or close a job requisition, locate the post in the Job Requisitions module
  • Select the three dots to the right of the job post
  • To close the position, select Close
  • To edit the posting, select Edit
    • Make necessary edits and select Save Changes
  • Additionally, you can edit or close the job posting from the Job Details page. 
    • To open the job details page, select the Job Title
  • To close the job, select Close
  • To edit the job, select the Edit(pencil) icon

Viewing Jobs on Your Agency Job Board

  • To view your job requisition on the job board, locate the post in the Job Requisitions module
  • Select the three dots to the right of the job post
  • Select Copy Public Link to Clipboard
  • In a new tab, paste the public link and press enter. This will bring you to that specific job requisition posting. 
    • To view all jobs on your public job board, select View All Jobs
  • The link in the URL bar is your Public Job Board link, you can use this in social media posts or on your website! 
    • ex.

From the Healthcare Professional Point of View

  • Individuals who do not have a Kamana account or are not logged into their account will see your Public Job board just as you were able to view it using your link. Again, healthcare professionals can use the drop down fields to filter by profession, specialty, and state.
  • Once finding a job they are interested in and opening the job posting they can see additional details. Note: Pay Package information is not visible on the public job board
  • If the individual would like to view pay package information or apply with your agency they can select the I’m Interested button, which will bring them to your portal. This will give them the opportunity to log into their existing Kamana account, or to create a Kamana account and apply with your agency.
  • Once the healthcare professional has either logged into their existing Kamana account or created an account, they will be able to see the Jobs module within their account.
  • Selecting Jobs will bring them to the job board where again they can filter by profession, specialty, and state.
  • Once they have opened a job requisition, pay package information will be visible. Healthcare professionals can even share a link to the job to send to friends and co-workers who also may be interested!