Creating a Facility

  • To add a facility select the Facilities module from the Navigation Pane
  • To create a facility, select the +Add Facility button 
  • Search for the facility name by typing in the name of the facility or even the city, state.  
  • Select the appropriate facility from the drop down list. Selecting the facility will pre-populate the address, total bed count, and facility website.  
  • Select the Time Zone for the facility from the drop down list and select Save Changes
  • If the facility you are looking for is not listed in the drop down menu, you can select + Create Custom Location
  • Add the following information: 
    • Name(required)
    • Total Bed Count(optional)
    • Facility Website(optional)
    • Address(required)
    • Select Save Changes

Creating a Job Requisition

It is easiest to create a job requisition from the facility record in Kamana. 
  • To locate the facility, select Facilities from the navigation pane and select the facility from the list or utilize the search bar. 
  • Select +Add, then select Job
Additionally, you can select Job Requisitions from the navigation pane, and select the +Add button, then select Use Full Job Form
  • A blank Job Requisition form will populate and will automatically include the facility location information. 
  • Enter the following information: 


  • Job Title(required)
    • This is the job title that will appear on your job postings and job board. Aim to make the title informative and exciting
      • (ex. RN - ICU, CNA - LTC Nights, LPN - Rehab(Mids), ect.)
  • Client Location(required)
    • This will already be populated if creating a job requisition from the facility. If not, select the facility from the drop down list
  • Job Type(required)
    • Select an option from the drop down list
      • Full Time(Permanent position)
      • Part Time(Permanent position)
      • Travel Contract
      • Per Diem
  • Number of Openings(required)
    • Select an option from the drop down list
  • Description(optional)
    • Use this field to get creative and explain the position to healthcare professionals! You can use rich text like links, bullet points, and other formatting

Core Information

  • Profession(required)
    • Select the profession from the drop down list
      • (ex. Registered Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse, ect.)
  • Specialty(required)
    • Select the appropriate specialty from the drop down list
      • (ex. Long Term Care, Med/Surg, Intensive Care Unit, ect.)
  • Minimum Years of Experience(required)
    • Select the minimum years of experience required for the role from the drop down list


The following information is not displayed in the public job posting, it is strictly used for internal purposes.
  • Origin(optional)
    • Enter where the job came from
      • (ex. VMS - GrapeTree)
  • Origin Reference Number(optional)
    • Enter an internal job reference number 
      • (ex. 123456)

Contract Details

  • Start Date(optional)
    • Select the start date for the position from the date picker
  • ASAP?(optional)
    • If ASAP? is checked, the start date will be shown as ASAP
  • Shift Start Time(optional)
    • Select shift start time from the drop down list
  • Shift End Time(optional)
    • Select shift end time from the drop down list
  • Contract Length(Weeks)(optional)
    • Select the length of the contract from the drop down list
      • For Per Diem positions we suggest selecting 1 week
  • Hours Per Week(optional
    • For Per Diem positions we suggest selecting 8 hours

Pay Package

All pay package information is optional. Pay Packages will not be available to be viewed on your public job board unless the individual is signed into their Kamana account. 
  • Gross Pay(Weekly)
  • Regular Hourly Rate
  • Housing Stipend
  • Meals and Incidentals(Weekly)
  • Travel Reimbursement(Total)
  • Compensation Comments
  • Select Save Changes to post your position