Adding references to Kamana eliminates the need to repetitively provide contact information for your references. To add a reference in Kamana, the work history associated with the reference must be added to the Work History section of your Kamana profile. You can learn more about Adding Work History Entries.

Adding a Reference

  • Navigate to the References section of your Kamana Profile
  • Select the +Add button
  • Choose the work history entry that this reference is related to from the drop down list
  • Provide the References Name
  • Enter the Position Held(Job Title) of the Reference
  • Provide your References email address
  • Provide your References phone number
    • You must provide either an email address or phone number, or you can share both. 
Reference Attachments
If you have a relevant reference attachment, such as a letter of recommendation you can add it to your reference entry. 
  • Select the +Add button next to Attachments
  • Browse for your File
  • Upload 
  • Save Changes