Staffing agencies using Kamana can internally create a Talent Profile to track and store information about healthcare professionals they are working with. Most often the agency will invite the healthcare professional to claim their profile and create a Kamana account. 

If you are working with a staffing agency that uses Kamana, and you don't yet have a Kamana profile, you may receive an invite to claim one. Here's how it works: 

  • You will receive an email from "Invites from Kamana" stating that your staffing agency has invited you to claim your profile on Kamana. The agency name will be in the subject line and mentioned several times throughout the email. A sample email is at the bottom of this article.
  • Click the "Claim My Kamana Profile" button within the email. Kamana will launch in your default browser. We suggest using Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox for the best experience.
  • Establish your login email and password. Your login email will default to the email that the invite was sent to. You can use a different email address if you'd like.
  • Click Claim Profile and Sign Up
  • You now have a Kamana profile to securely manage your credentials and professional history for life! You will be able to message with your staffing agency directly within your Kamana account, view the information they have uploaded to your profile so far, and easily collaborate with them to efficiently manage your career going forward.

Why Claim Your Kamana Profile? Within your secure, mobile-friendly, profile you can easily share and keep track of your professional history, credentials, and onboarding documentation. Display when, where, and how you want to work — and Platform Health Staffing will handle the rest. The best part – your Kamana profile is yours to keep, forever.

Learn more about the benefits of claiming and maintaining your Kamana profile here.