Professionals are busy. Very busy. It's difficult to stay on top of everything, so we always appreciate the occasional reminder. With Kamana, we offer a variety of notifications for the work related to your Talent candidates.

With this Guide, you can:

Understand Your Notifications

Within Kamana, we offer three types of Notifications: Email, SMS, and In-App. We will go over each of these types of Notifications in detail below. 

  • Email Notifications: These are notifications which are delivered to your login email address. This is the default setting.
  • SMS Notifications: These are notifications which are delivered to the phone number you configure in your Notification Preferences.
  • In-App Notifications: These are notifications which appear in your Notification Center. Note: In an effort to reduce excess noise, all notifications are made to be In-App notifications if we detect you're actively using the Kamana platform. This means we will not send SMS or Email notifications out if we detect you are using Kamana during the time the notification would send.

What Notifications are Supported?

There are a number of Notifications within Kamana which are provided to you. They are comprised of the following which we will describe below.

Primary Contacts: The Primary Contact (User) set to a Talent Profile.

  • Notifications are received for any direct Messages through the Kamana Messenger from the Talent user.
  • Automatically Subscribed (set to Receive Notifications) for all Engagements made under the Talent Profile.

Subscribed to Engagement:

  • Notifications are received for any Status changes on an engagement.
    Users can Subscribe themselves to any Engagement, but the creator of the Engagement is subscribed automatically.
    Regular users can remove themselves from a subscription at any time, but Administrators can remove anyone.

eSign Sender: The User who sends an eSign to the Talent User.

  • Notifications are received for Completed eSigns.

New Talent Signups: Configured in your Notification Preferences, you can opt-in for New Talent Signups

  • Notifications are received for all Talent Signups going through the Application Landing Page, Claim Invites, and Talent Invites.

Managing your Notifications Preferences

Your notification preferences control how you are notified of activity within your Kamana account while you are not active in Kamana. The default setting is set so that If you are active in Kamana, you will simply receive an in app notification (bell icon near the top of your screen). If you are not active, you will also receive a notification outside of the platform by email. But you can easily change your notification preferences to suit your needs!

To update your preferences

  1. Click on your Name at the Top-Right of the page.
  2. Navigate to your Notification Preferences. 
  3. Click the edit (pencil) icon under Notification Preferences.
  4. Choose how you would like to be notified.
  5. Click Save Changes

Which Notification Preference is Best for You?

If you've been following our guide, you've likely stumbled across the different notification preferences offer. You might ask which one best suits your needs, and we'll give an outline below!

  • Email - all notifications: This option is best suited for recruiters that primarily like to work out of their email inboxes regularly. if you treat your Inbox like a to-do list and consistently clear it out every day, this is the option for you. 
  • Email - only when out of app: This is the default option. Recruiters prefer this option if they primarily work out of Kamana. They will only receive an Email notification as a reminder to get back into Kamana if they occasionally close out of the app. 
  • SMS (Text) - only when out of app: This is the option for those that want more isolated reminders, as texts are less common. For those who don't do well with emails or Kamana, you can instead have a notification text sent as a reminder instead. 
  • In-app only: For those who don't wish to receive any reminders outside of Kamana, or love to primarily work within it, this is the optimal choice. Recommended for those who treat Kamana itself as a large to-do box. 

Reviewing your In-App Notifications

At this point, you're probably happy to see we have so many vital notifications available for you. But you may be asking yourself how to best manage or stay on top of these notifications. We'll go through best practices below.

Keeping an eye on your Notifications

In general, your Notifications are call to actions. They are alerts in Kamana which require your attention in one way or another. It's best to keep an eye on the number of notification alerts at the top right corner of your Kamana and always try to keep it low.

When ready to review or action, you can then access your Notification Center at any time by clicking on the Icon (the bell) at the top-right of the page pictured above.

Actioning your Notifications

Time to take the count down to 0 and work through all your Notifications! We try to keep the process as simple as possible with the following options which we will detail below.

  1. Actioning your Notifications: Clicking on the name of the Notification will Action it, and archive it from your active Notifications. It will also take you to the page that requires your attention. Note: this can interrupt whatever work you have going on in your current page, we recommend opening it in a new tab in general.
  2. View All: If you have a lot of notifications, and would rather review them in their own dedicated page to Action, this is the option for you. You can also view all your older/archived notifications here.
  3. Mark All As Read: Are all these notifications irrelevant for some reason? Or did you just want a fresh start? Click on this, and you'll archive/remove all the current notification alerts in your Notification Center.