This article contains a running list of product and feature release updates. These updates are in date order with the most recently released on the top of the page. Questions or feedback? Is there a function you'd like to see in Kamana that would help enhance the way you work? We'd love to hear from you. Send us an email.


  • (NEW) Sorting On Jobs List - Talent users may now sort Jobs by Date Posted and Weekly Pay. 

  • (NEW) Upload Documents to Engagement Requirements - Talent users may now upload required documents directly to their Engagements. 


  • (NEW) Updated Web Session Durations.  When logging into your Kamana Account, the duration of your web session has been updated. Your session will log you out of your Kamana Account for security purposes after the following duration.
    • 60 Minutes when "Keep me signed in" is unchecked
    • 3 Days when "Keep me signed in" is checked


  • (NEW) Talent Ability Filter by Job Type on Job Board. Talent users now have the ability to filter public job boards or the talent job board by Job Type to more easily locate jobs of interest to them.

  • (NEW) Talent Job Board Now Displays Gross Weekly Pay, Start Date, and Posted Date. The talent job board now displays the gross weekly pay, start date, and job posting date on the job overview.


  • (NEW) Facility Name Visible on Talent's View of Jobs. Talent users can now see the facility name where many job requisitions will be located.


  • (NEW) Attachments to Education Records on Talent Profile. File attachments can now be added to Education Records on Talent Profiles.


  • (NEW) End Dates on Job Requisitions. Job Requisitions now have dedicated end dates that are auto-calculated using the Start Date and Contract Length to give a more accurate estimate of when an assignment will end.


  • (IMPROVED) Performance improvements when loading Notifications. A change has been made to the way that Notifications details load in the Kamana notification center to increase page load time across the platform. In other words, FAST just got FASTER. 


  • (FIXED) Restored the ability to receive Notifications in-app only. Some users may have experienced the loss of the ability to set Notification Preferences to in-app only. This option has been restored.
  • (IMPROVED) The ability to request new Specialties via the “I Don’t See My” option has been removed from the Work History and Skills Checklist sections of the Talent Profile. This functionality was put in place to enable users to quickly request Specialties that were not in the pick list. However this pick list has been refined over time both via user input and by a team of Clinical Informaticists, healthcare professionals, and staffing companies. As a result, in recent months nearly all new requests have been duplicative of options already present in the app. In the event that something is missing from the list, please contact Kamana Support 
  • (IMPROVED) The Talent Profile can now better handle browser auto-fill capabilities. Browser Auto-fills were overriding the Talent Profile Name fields with Emergency Contact auto complete entries. Talent Profile name fields now remain unchanged even when auto-fill is used to complete Emergency Contact information fields.


  • (NEW) Better capture short term work history in your Talent Profile. Previously the start/end dates on a Work History record in a Talent Profile were unable to be the same month/year. Given the possibility of sub-one month work assignments in the travel and per diem space, you may now create work history entries with the same start/end month/year. 
  • (IMPROVED) Charge Experience can now be added to work history for all Professions. Previously Charge Experience could only be added to Work History details within the Talent Profile for nursing professions. The Charge Nurse Experience field has been changed to a more broad 'Charge Experience' field to enable this experience to be added for all professions.
  • (IMPROVED) More rapid Validation of email address during new user signup. Improvements were implemented to the email validation feature during the signup process to more quickly display an error message in the event that an invalid email is entered. The error message now displays nearly immediately upon entering an invalid email address.


  • (NEW) Validate Talent User emails during new user signup.  A function has been added during the new Talent user signup process to display a message to the user if an invalid email address is entered while creating their profile.
  • (IMPROVED) Prevent duplicate Applications from Talent. Previously a Talent User was able to create multiple Applications attached to their Profile if the user used the application landing page URL to sign in after creating a relationship with an Employer. This has been changed to redirect the talent user to their profile and notify them that a relationship has already been created.
  • (IMPROVED) Emergency Contact field labels in the Talent Profile have been updated for user clarity. The field labels and helper text on all of the Emergency Contact fields within the Talent Profile have been updated to more heavily indicate that these fields are for providing emergency contact information. Previously some talent users have mistakenly entered their own information in to the Emergency Contact fields.
  • (IMPROVED) Updated copy job button text for user clarity. The copy job link button on the Talent Job Board menu and Talent Job Board job details page has been changed to say'Copy Link to Job'. Previously this button was titled'Share Link to Job', causing some confusion that clicking this button would automatically share the link somewhere. 


  • (IMPROVED) More performance enhancements and improvements to the Notification Center. Additional opportunities for performance improvement were identified and implemented after the prior related release.


  • (IMPROVED) Performance enhancements and improvements to the Notification Center. Several performance enhancements have been made to the Notification Center. The most notable are:  
    • When a grouped notification is opened, all grouped notifications will be marked as read simultaneously(e.g. if multiple messages notifications come from the same healthcare professional, the like-notifications are grouped together in the Notification Center with a(#) indicating the number of like-notifications)
    • The Notification Center now only displays the most recent 100 notifications. Previously, if a user was not regularly checking their notifications it was possible for there to be hundreds or thousands of notifications unread that would attempt to load with each page change. This made a significant negative impact on page speed for the user, which is no longer possible.   
  • (IMPROVED) Enhanced location matching within the Kamana Job Network. The location matching functionality has been enhanced to create even more job matches for healthcare professionals in the job network.


  • (IMPROVED) Employer/Agency name now displays on Talent Job Board. The Employer/Agency name has been made visible on all views of the Talent Job Board, both on the jobs overview page and job details page. This ensures the talent users are able to see which employer/agency is providing the job. Here's what it looks like from each view:
  • (IMPROVED) Talent users are now directed to Message employer/agency they have a relationship with if the employer does not have any active matching jobs on the job board. 


  • (IMPROVED) Document Library sorted alphabetically by name. Previously the documents in the Library were sorted by creation date. The documents and links in the Library now sort alphabetically by name for both the Employer and Talent views.


  • (FIXED) No more duplicate staffing agencies in work history pick list. Previously a number of staffing agencies were duplicated in the Staffing Agency list on work history entires. A fix has been deployed to remove the duplicates.


  • (FIXED) Certifications without abbreviations are now populating in certification search. For a short time some Certifications without abbreviations included (e.g. the'BLS' that displays with"Basic Life Support(BLS)" were not appearing in the certifications search functionality. A fix has been deployed.


  • (IMPROVED) Alerts when copy buttons are used. When using the quick copy buttons throughout the platform(e.g. copying a talent invite or profile share link), a'Copied!" Toast notification will now appear in the top right of the page to let you know the link has been successfully copied. 


  • (IMPROVED) Autocomplete Search Results. Additional improvements have been made since our last release to the Autocomplete Search Results feature. A fix was deployed for a bug that was causing search results not to appear after a certain number of characters were entered into the search query. Results are now populating appropriately. 2021-04-28
  • (IMPROVED) Autocomplete Search Results. Autocomplete search results are now displayed in alphabetical order. A fix has also been deployed to rectify an issue where some results were not populating when searching for certifications, licenses, or facilities. Search results now populate more quickly and consistently with the exact characters typed in a search.
  • (IMPROVED) Medical History Category and Choice Required. When adding a Medical History record to a Talent Profile, the 'Add Item' button on the Add Item step in the will now be disabled until both a Category (e.g. Influenza) and Choice (e.g. Influenza Vaccine) have been selected. 


  • (IMPROVED) Redesign of Medical History Items. Medical History entries have gotten a makeover! We have introduced Medical History Categories and Choices. Medical History categories include COVID-19, Drug Screen, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Influenza, Meningococcal, MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella), Physical, Polio, Respirator Fit Test, Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Acellular Pertussis), Tuberculosis, Varicella, and Vision Screening. The specific item related to the category will be defined in the Choice drop down list. You can learn more about adding Medical History Items here


  • (NEW) Request Staffing Agency Not Listed. When adding a work history entry where the healthcare professional was employed by a staffing agency, you can now request a staffing agency that is not currently on the drop down list to be added. Once requested, you will receive an email when the Staffing Agency has been added to the list

  • (IMPROVED) Instructions for Missing Item Requests. When requesting a missing item be added, your request will now populate in a new window with instructions that indicate once the request is added to the list, you will receive an email. 


  • (IMPROVED) Character Counter added to the following fields: Opportunity Preferences Name, Bio in Talent Profile, Work History Comments, Additional Documents - Description
  • (IMPROVED) Personal Information Relocated to Top of Talent Profile


  • (NEW) Gaps in Employment in Talent Profile.
    • Healthcare professionals are now able to add Gaps in Employment within the Work History section of their Kamana profile. Employment Gap entries include Start and End Dates, Reason(Personal Time Off, Vacation, Family Commitment, Non-Clinical Employment, and Mission Trip), optional comments, and ability to provide your address during the employment gap. Learn more about Creating a Gap In Employment Entry.
  • (NEW) Quickly Generate and Download Your Resume.
    • From the newly named Sharing module in Kamana, healthcare professionals are now able to easily generate a resume utilizing the information in their Kamana profile. Select Sharing, Download Resume, and your perfectly formatted resume is ready to go in PDF form
  • (IMPROVED) Profile Shares Module has been renamed to Sharing and has New Features
    • The Profile Shares module in Kamana has been renamed to Sharing. Sharing now encompasses relationship management of your Employer Network, Profile Sharing, and Resume Generation
  • (IMPROVED) Access Employer Network Details from Sharing
    • The Sharing Module now gives you access to your Employer Network. The Employer Network is available when you have established a relationship with any employers that are using the Kamana Employer platform. You can now access the Employer Details page directly from the Sharing module. The Employer Details page provides access to applications and Signature Requests you have completed with the agency, as well as Employer Documents, Benefits, and other details. 
  • Archive vs. Delete for all Profile Elements
    • All profile elements will now have the option to be Archived and the option to Delete an element has been removed. Healthcare professionals have the ability to Archive old or irrelevant information from their Kamana profiles. The ability to Archive also gives healthcare professionals the ability to view Archived information, and Restore items to their profile if necessary.


  • (Feature) Search housing resource added to talent Dashboard. Kamana and Furnished Finder have partnered to provide talent users quick access to search for housing from within Kamana. Talent users can find a link to search for housing on furnished finder directly on the Dashboard, under 'Resources'. 
  • (Feature) Enhanced credential expiration reminders. 
    • When credentials are expiring (<60 days), talent users now receive a notification through the Kamana 'Alert Center', alongside the previously existing in-app flags, countdowns, and dashboard views for expiring credentials. 
    • If not actively using Kamana when the notification is sent, talent users will receive a text message when text if Notification Preferences are set to text. Previously, outside of the in-app expiration indicators, credential reminder notifications were sent via email only. Emails will still be sent when Notifications are set to email. 
    • Both text and email notifications now provide a direct link to the expiring credential to enable more rapid updating. 
  • (Feature) Ability to archive talent licenses and license attachments (and removal of the ability to delete). Licenses and license attachments within the talent profile can now be archived, instead of deleted. 
    • Attachments can be deleted up to 15 minutes after the attachment has been uploaded. After the 15 minute window elapses, the option to delete disappears and is replaced by an Archive function. 
    • When a license is archived it will no longer display in a profile share, PDF export, resume export, or expiring credentials list on the Dashboard. Expiration reminders will not be sent to talent for archived licenses.
    • An archived license can be restored from the 'View Archived' page. Once restored, functions resume as if it were never archived.
    • When a licenses is renewed, simply update the date, upload the new attachment, and archive the old one. 
    • Pro tip: Archiving inactive or irrelevant licenses will keep the credential dashboard free of licenses that do not need to be tracked for a particular contract/assignment.