With all the qualifications and onboarding done through Engagements, it can be difficult to prioritize or identify hurdles to place your Talent. With Kamana, we organize these details in a convenient platform for you to action any Compliance needs. We call this the Compliance Dashboard.

With this Guide, you can:

Understand The Compliance Dashboard

The Compliance Dashboard (accessed via Navigation Pane) gives you a birds eye view of licenses, certifications, and medical history records that are expiring for Engaged Talent within the next 60 days.

Expiring credentials for Talent will populate on the dashboard when: 

  • The Talent has an Engagement with a Status of: Credentialing, Credentialed, Cleared to Start, or Active.
  • The Credentials are mapped to a Credentialing Requirement on the Engagement
  • The mapped Credential items are expiring within the next 60 calendar days

Using your Compliance Dashboard Filters

It's not uncommon for a busy agency to have hundreds of results on their Compliance Dashboard. It can be overwhelming to know which ones to prioritize, so we recommend utilizing our Filters to narrow down the results most relevant to you.

The Filters Available are

  • Requirement Type: Use this to filter your results to specific Credentialing Requirements which have been mapped to a Healthcare Professional's credentials. This can be narrowed down to only Licenses, Certifications, eSigns, and more.
  • Expires Within: Use this to filter your results to credentials which are already expired, or ones set to expire up to 60 days away.
  • Assignment: Use this to filter for results on Requirements assigned to you, or ones you're just subscribed to. The default is for all Expiring Credentials for all Engagements in the Credentialing statuses.
  • Reset Filters: Use this filter to see all mapped Expiring Credentials on All Credentialing Engagements for the whole Agency.

Managing your Talent's Expiring Credentials

Your Compliance Dashboard offers a quick summary of the Expiring Credentials mapped to your Engagements. To get a better idea of how you'd like to Manage these Credentials, we explain each detail below:

  1. Credentialing Requirement Name This is the name of your Credentialing Requirement. Click on this to Access the Engagement it is under.
  2. Expiration Date: This is letting you know within what time frame the Credential will expire, or if it has already expired.
  3. Talent: This is the name of your Talent. Click on this to access their Talent Profile.
  4. Engagement: The Engagement this expiring Credential is under. Click on this to access the Engagement.
  5. Requirement Type: The type of Credential that is expiring. This value can be utilized with Filters.
  6. Primary Contact: This is the Primary Contact (Agency User) set to the Engagement.
  7. Facility: This is the Healthcare Facility or Client the Job Requisition sits under.
  8. Last Modified: This is an unused feature to be coming soon.

In general, we recommend performing the following steps to resolve your Compliance Dashboard alerts:

  1. Clicking on the Name of the Credentialing Requirement.
  2. Map the Expiring Credential to a New/Current Credential.
  3. Or if there is not a newer Credential to Map, reach out to the Talent to request one be uploaded. Repeat Step 2 when received.