A running list of product and feature release updates for Kamana for healthcare staffing agencies. Questions or feedback? Is there a pain point you'd like to see solved via Kamana that would help enhance the way you work? We'd love to hear from you.


  • (FIXED) Application date/time on talent profile now displays in user’s time zone.  Previously, the application date/time on the Talent Profile displayed in UTC time, a fix has been deployed to display the time based on the user’s time zone as set in My Account.
  • (IMPROVED) Automatic removal of successive periods in user’s email address during registration. Previously, if a user registered with successive periods within the email address field, the system would allow them to register. As no email provider allows successive periods in an email address, the system will now automatically remove successive periods from the email address during registration to help prevent accidental errors. 


  • (FIXED) Client Contact Deletion Causing 500 Crash. Previously, when deleting a Client Contact, the contact was deleted successfully but would result in a 500 error. A fix has been deployed to successfully delete the Client Contact and not result in a 500 error. 
  • (IMPROVED) Removed Work History Gaps From References. References are associated with a specific work history entry in the healthcare provider’s Kamana Talent Profile. A fix has been deployed to remove Work History Gaps from the drop down list of Work History Entries when creating a reference. 
  • (IMPROVED) Explanation Provided When Unable to Delete or Edit Employer Attachments or Notes. Previously when an Employer users role prevented them from editing or deleting an Employer Attachments or Notes, it was not clear to the user why they were unable to edit/delete the item. We have added messaging to the UI that notifies the user of why they are not able to edit/delete, and what action to take if the Employer Attachment or Note needs to be edited deleted.


  • (NEW) My Kamana Dashboard Widgets. Widgets have been added to the My Kamana Dashboard. Widgets include Recently Updated Profiles, Recent Message Activity, and Recently Completed eSigns. Learn more about the My Kamana Dashboard and new information here

  • (NEW) Sort Talent By State/Province. From the Our/My Talent, you are now able to filter talent profiles by State/Province listed in the Tax Home Address in the Kamana Talent Profile.


  • (IMPROVED) Character Counter added to the following fields: Talent - Opportunity Preferences Name, Bio in Talent Profile, Talent - Work History Comments, Talent - Additional Documents - Description, Employer Attachments - Attachments Description
  • (IMPROVED)Personal Information Relocated to Top of Talent Profile
  • (NEW)My Kamana Section Added to Navigation Pane. My Kamana has now been added as a section in the left hand navigation pane of the Kamana platform. This section includes My Dashboard and My Talent (relocated from Talent section). More information will be released on the My Kamana section soon! 


  • (NEW) Relationship Statuses: part one of candidate status tracking. A Relationship Status can now be set for each Talent Profile to keep track of a candidate's status. This is part one of the candidate status tracking features that will be released. Read a full outline of how Relationship Status tracking works here along with an overview of what's to come. Note the impact that this change has on the Compliance Dashboard functionality below. 
  • (NEW) Compliance Dashboard now only displays 'Engaged' Talent. The Compliance Dashboard functionality has been updated to only display expiring credentials for Talent Profiles with a Relationship Status of Engaged. Read how the new Compliance Dashboard functionality works.
    • Note: with the implementation of Relationship Statuses, all candidates in your portal will be set to Interested by default. To enable credential tracking for active (or soon to be active) employees, you will need to update the Relationship Status to Engaged for all engaged employees. 
    • Reminder: if a credential is expired that is not going to be updated, you can archive it to prevent it from displaying on the Compliance Dashboard, without losing record of its existence. 
  • (NEW) 'Do Not Hire' flag on talent relationship. A flag can now be added to a Talent Profile to mark the Talent as DO NOT HIRE (aka DNH). A comment can be added when marking the Talent Profile as DNH, and the Relationship Status will automatically be set to archive. Read more about how to use the DNH feature here.
  • (NEW)Add Gaps in Employment in Talent Profile. Employment gaps can now be captured in the Work History section of a Talent Profile. Scroll to Work History and select + Add Gap in Employment below the existing Work History records (at least one Work History record must be created first). Select the reason for the Employment Gap, optionally enter a comment (1,000 character maximum), optionally provide the City and State the Talent was located in during this time, and capture the Start and End dates of this Employment Gap. Employment Gaps will be reflected on the Profile, shares, and resume exports in real time. Similarly, the Talent can input their own employment gaps.
  • (NEW) Account Owner and Administrators can now edit/delete any Employer Attachment. Previously Employer Attachments could only be edited/deleted by the creator of the attachment. The permissions have been updated to enable all account administrators and the account owner to edit or delete any Employer Attachment. 
  • (IMPROVED) Download Resume Buttons (in profile and on share). Previously there were two PDF download options of the Talent Profile on the Talent Profile details view and Profile Share view. This has been simplified to solely present the 'Download Resume' option, which exports a real time capture of the resume relevant information within the Talent Profile, in standard resume format. 
  • (IMPROVED) Copy and UI changes on Archive vs delete for improved user experience.

2020-10-25 & 11-01

  • (NEW) Ability to archive talent Education (and removal of ability to delete). Education records within the talent profile can now be archived, instead of deleted.
  • (NEW) Ability to archive talent Work History (and removal of ability to delete). Work history records within the talent profile can now be archived, instead of deleted, as long as the Work History record is not associated with a Reference. When a Work History entry is associated with a reference, the system will indicate that the record cannot be archived.
  • (NEW) Ability to archive talent EHRs (and removal of ability to delete). Known EHRs within the talent profile can now be archived, instead of deleted.
  • (NEW) Ability to archive talent Skills Checklists and and Skills Checklists attachments (and removal of ability to delete). Skills Checklists and and Skills Checklists attachments within the talent profile can now be archived, instead of deleted. 
  • (NEW) Ability to archive talent Additional Documents (and removal of ability to delete). Work history records within the talent profile can now be archived, instead of deleted.
  • (FIXED) Restore archived attachments in the talent profile if the associated record is active. For the past few weeks users may have been unable restore archived attachments within the talent profile. A fix has been implemented to allow attachments to be restored if the associated record within the profile (e.g. License) is active. If the associated record is archived, restore the archived attachment 
  • (FIXED) Talent 'Joined On' date now displays in user time zone. Previously the 'Joined On' date on the talent list view was displayed in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). This date/time now uses the Time Zone selected under 'My Account' for the user who is viewing the talent.


  • (NEW) Delete talent profiles with eSignature requests and Claim Invites. Previously if an Employer user attempted to delete a Talent Profile relationship that contained an eSignature request or Claim Invite, the system returned an error page and a support request was required to delete the Profile. A workflow has been implemented for Employer users to delete any Profile.
    • In the event an eSign is present (pending request or complete) - a warning page will populate asking the user to confirm understanding that deleting the Profile relationship will also delete the eSignature. Proceed with caution. All associated eSignature requests, employer attachments, and notes will be deleted and are not recoverable. 
    • No confirmation is required when a pending Claim Invite is present. The Claim Invite will be invalidated. In the event that a talent user attempts to "claim the profile" they will receive a message that the invite is no longer valid. 
  • (NEW) Date & time added to the notification center. The date and time has been added to all notifications received through the notification center - displayed in the Time Zone specific to the user viewing the notification. This feature has been launched for both Employer and Talent users.

  • (NEW) Ability to archive talent certifications and certification attachments (and removal of ability to delete). Certifications and certification attachments within the talent profile can now be archived, instead of deleted. 
  • (IMPROVED) Enhanced archiving for references, medical history and related attachments. User experience improvements have been implemented within the workflows for archiving and restoring these talent profile items.
  • (FIXED) Proper handling when country code included with phone number. Some users may have previously experienced an error if a country code was included with a phone number. A fix has been deployed to notify the user to remove the country code and enter a 10 digit number only, in the event that a country code is included on a phone number field within the platform.
  • (FIXED) Retain Legal Application Acknowledgment during application process. Some talent users may have previously seen the 'Legal Application Acknowledgement' disappear if they attempted to submit their application prior to completing all required application fields. A fix has been deployed to ensure the Legal Application Text is retained in all cases. This bug was not impacting the application saved on the Employer side for a Talent Profile.
  • (FIXED) Stop notifications for suspended Employer users. Employer users who have been suspended no longer receive notifications within the platform. This prevents suspended users from receive text and/or email notifications after they have been suspended (previously notifications may have been sent for new talent signups, messages, and eSignature completion). 


  • (NEW) Duplicate profile prevention when creating unclaimed profiles. It was historically possible to create duplicate unclaimed profiles in a few ways. New workflows have been implemented that prevent this from occurring. 
    • When creating an unclaimed profile you will now be prompted to enter an email address for the talent user upfront. 
    • If an unclaimed profile already exists within your account, the system will route you to the existing unclaimed profile. From there, you can create or resend the claim invite to the talent user.
    • If a claimed profile already exists within your account, the system will route you to that profile.
    • If a claimed profile already exists but does not have a relationship with your agency in Kamana already, the system will route you to send a talent invite instead. If an invite already exists, you will be routed to the existing invite. From there you can resend the invite, or choose to delete it and create an unclaimed profile instead.
  • (NEW) Links in Document Library. Web links can now be added to your Library and made visible to both talent and internal users. Check out a full overview of how it works and some suggested use cases here.
  • (NEW) Ability to archive talent medical history and medical history attachments (and removal of ability to delete). Medical history and medical history attachments within the talent profile can now be archived, instead of deleted. This functions the same as the License Archive feature released on 08/14/20 (see release notes below).
  • (IMPROVED) Enhanced talent invite emails. The email a candidate receives when they receive a new talent invite to apply with your agency has been updated to factor whether or not the talent already has an existing Kamana profile. The email design and copy itself has also been updated. Here's what the emails look like for each situation: 
  • (IMPROVED). Enhanced workflows for archived talent profile items. User experience improvements have been implemented within the workflows for archiving and restoring items within the talent profile. The 'status' of associated attachments (archived vs active) will be retained when archiving and restoring items. User interface chances have been made to navigate archived items with less clicks. 
  • (FIXED) Validation of mobile phone numbers for SMS / text message notifications. Previously when an invalid mobile phone number was entered into the SMS / text message notification preference field, the system would return an error page to the user. This field now validates the phone number provided is a valid mobile phone number. If the phone number is invalid or recognized as a landline the user will be prompted to try a different number.


  • (NEW) Shortcuts to resend claim profile invites. Buttons have been added to resend pending claim profile invites to talent in two places: 1) the action menu from the that list views and 2) the action menu on the view claim invite details page. Alongside the 'Resend Invite' button that is available in Messaging section for unclaimed profiles, this now provides three places to quickly resend these invites.
  • (NEW) Associate client records with an MSP. You now have the optional ability to select a Managed Service Provider (MSP) when creating a new client record. The list of MSPs is maintained by Kamana and is in the process of being populated. Is there an MSP you work with that is missing from the list? Let us know
  • (FIXED). Desired Opportunities collected during custom application. During the initial implementation of this feature some users were experiencing an error when certain fields on the application were left blank. This feature has been enhanced to ensure functionality as intended.


  • (NEW) Desired Opportunities are now collected during your custom application. While completing your custom application questions, Talent users are now asked to provide the following information about their desired work preferences: date available to start, city and state, and the max distance from that city and state they're willing to work. See it in action.
    • This automatically creates an entry under the Talent's 'desired' opportunties. 
    • "Anywhere" will be indicated if the city/state are left blank. 
    • If only a state is input - "Anywhere in ___ State" will be indicated. 
  • (NEW) Attachments on References in the Talent Profile. Attachments can now be added to Reference records within the Talent Profile. Can be managed by both Talent and Employer users and are available to be viewed/downloaded within a Full Profile Share. 
  • (NEW) Ability to archive talent references and license attachments (and removal of the ability to delete). References and reference attachments within the talent profile can now be archived, instead of deleted. This was implemented to strengthen compliance processes between Talent and Employers and functions the same as the License Archive feature released on 08/14/20.
  • (NEW) Document Library. A document Library has been created for sharing documents with Talent and internal employees. Documents all all uploaded to the 'Library' section under 'Organization'. A setting is available on each document to determine if the document should or should not be visible to Talent. Read a complete overview of how this feature works here
    • If you are sending (or considering sending) employee handbooks, policies, or educational materials acknowledgement forms via the eSign feature set, we strongly recommend leveraging this feature to ensure a positive candidate experience.
  • (NEW) ReCAPTCHA v3 implemented during registration flow. ReCAPTCHA has been implemented during the user signup flow to further enhance user authenticity and security. We're using the latest version of ReCAPTCHA that does not interrupt the registration flow unless the technology detects the user to be suspicious. 
  • (IMPROVED)View additional archived item details. When viewing an archived item (currently this functionality exists on licenses and references), the name of the item is now a clickable link that navigates to more details about the archived item.


  • (NEW) 'Load More' on Talent list views. When there are more than 100 Talent Profiles on the Talent list views (My Talent, Our Talent, Archive) the list will initially load the first 100 Profiles. A 'Load More' button will display the bottom of the list. Clicking this button will load the next 100 Profiles. Repeat. 
    • The talent count near the top left of the page will display the number of profiles loaded (displayed) out of the total number of profiles relevant to the filters you have set on the list view.
    • All profiles do not need to be loaded to search, sort, and filter. These functions consider all Profiles on the corresponding list.


  • (NEW) Ability to archive talent licenses and license attachments (and removal of the ability to delete). Licenses and license attachments within the talent profile can now be archived, instead of deleted. This was implemented to strengthen compliance processes between talent and employers. 
    • Attachments can be deleted up to 15 minutes after the attachment has been uploaded. After the 15 minute window elapses, the option to delete disappears and is replaced by an Archive function. 
    • When a license is archived it will no longer display in the compliance dashboard, profile share, PDF export, resume export, or expiring credentials list for the talent. Expiration reminders will not be sent to talent for archived licenses.
    • An archived license can be restored from the 'View Archived' page. Once restored, functions resume as if it were never archived.
    • When a licenses is renewed, simply update the date, upload the new attachment, and archive the old one.
    • These functions operate exactly the same on the talent side.
    • Pro tip: Archiving inactive or irrelevant licenses will keep the credential dashboard free of licenses that do not need to be tracked for a particular contract/assignment.
  • (NEW FOR TALENT ONLY) Enhanced credential expiration reminders for talent. Learn more in Talent Product Updates
  • (NEW FOR TALENT ONLY) Search housing resource for talent. Learn more in Talent Product Updates.


  • (IMPROVED) Enhancements to "Resume format" export of Talent Profile. Design enhancements have been made to the exported resume based on user feedback. The Download PDF button has been simplified to remove the legacy 'With Cover Page' option when downloading the entire profile.
  • (IMPROVED) Archived Talent now display in global 'Search Talent' search. Previously the 'Search Talent' option in the navigation pane only displayed "Active" Talent profiles. This search function now returns results for both Active and Archived profiles.
  • (IMPROVED) Clarity added to 'Additional Documents' blank slate text on Profile Shares. The text that displays in this section on a Profile Share when there are not any additional documents added to a Talent Profile has been updated to add clarity to the purpose of this section. Namely, the specific mention of a Social Security Card, Driver's License, or Voided Check has been removed.
  • (FIXED) Preview parameter text removed from copy-able Employer Landing Page URL. Previously the link copied from the 'copy' button for an Landing Page URL in Employer Preferences included text that allows an Employer to preview their portal page while signed in to their Employer account. This text was removed from the copy button link to ensure the link added to Employer's website, or sent to talent, performs properly. 


  • (NEW) "Resume format" export of Talent Profile. A resume-style PDF can now be generated from the Talent Profile. This includes the following components of the Talent Profile: Core Personal Information (Name, Profession, Primary Specialty, Phone Number, Email Address, and Tax Home Address), Objective (aka bio), Licenses, Certifications, Work History, and Education. All data that is entered into the fields within the sections will be displayed on the resume export.
    • To download from the Talent Profile view: click the 'Download Overview PDF' button near the top of the profile, then choose the 'Resume Format' option. 
    • To download from the Profile Share view, click the the 'Download Resume' button near the top of the Share. 


  • (NEW) Explanation option added to Custom Application questions. Questions asked on an Employer Custom Application can now include an optional 'explanation' field.
  • (NEW) Ability for Talent to View and Print Employer Application. Talent users can now view and print applications submitted to an Employer. 
  • (IMPROVED) Enhancements to Account Owner parameters. An account owner can no longer be suspended by an Account Administrator that is not an account owner. Employer user must be active to be set as account owner. Account administrators can no longer edit user details of account owner.
  • (FIXED) Display Application date/time in user's local time zone. Previously the date/time on a Talent Application was displayed in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The date/time displayed on a Talent Application now uses the Time Zone selected under 'My Account' for the user who is viewing the application.


  • (NEW) Custom Questions & Application Generation during talent registration. This feature enables your agency to ask candidates custom questions when they are creating their account, automatically generates an official "application" of record, collects a phone number upfront, and directs candidates to complete their profile after submitting the application.
  • (NEW) Message talent directly from Talent List views. Click the 'Message' icon from the My Talent, Our Talent, or Archived Talent view to more quickly send a message to a talent user in your portal.

  • (FIXED) Resend/send claim invite from message talent module. When attempting to send a message to an 'Unclaimed' Profile, the 'Resend Invite' button has not historically functioned. Clicking the 'Resend Invite' button will now A) resend the claim invite if there is one pendingor B) draft a new claim invite if you have not already create one (where you can add a personal message and click send).

  • (NEW) Middle Name requirement removed. Previously it was required to enter a middle name (or select the No Middle Name button) for all candidates. This requirement has been removed to expedite the process of creating talent profile when the middle name is unknown.
  • (IMPROVED) 'Personal Documents' renamed to "Additional Documents". The Personal Documents section has been renamed to 'Additional Documents' to expand the usability of this section of the Talent Profile. This change was made for all sections and all user types, including how the section displays on 'Profile Shares'.
  • (IMPROVED) Dedicated 'Blank Slates' text on Employer view of Talent Profile. Previously the text that displayed throughout the Talent Profile when no items had been entered for the corresponding section all "spoke to" the talent user. These messages now dynamically speak to the user type that is editing the profile (e.g. a nurse would see "upload your certifications here" and an agency user would see "upload all certifications here")
  • (IMPROVED) Certifications without abbreviations are now clickable. Some users reported that certifications that did not include an abbreviation were not clickable in the Talent profile, therefore they were unable to view the expiration date or download the attachment. This error has been corrected for all profiles and user types. Additionally, the empty parenthesis "()"no longer display at the end of the certification name in the search results for these certs.
  • (FIXED) Only allow active users to be made primary talent contact. It was previously possible to assign a 'Pending' or 'Suspended' employer user as the primary contact for a talent user. This has been updated to only allow 'Active' users to be assigned as the Primary Contact. (Reminder: The Primary Contact assigned to the talent user will be notified of new messages from the talent. Employer users can click 'Our Talent' to filter the talent list to only display healthcare professionals for which they are the primary contact.)


  • (NEW) Talent list views sort and filter enhancements. A few updates have been made to the sort and filter functionality.
    • Filters are now retained when you open a profile then click the back button. For example, if you have the list filtered down to Registered Nurse - Emergency Room, and open a profile that meets those criteria, then click the back button, the list will still display candidates that meet the Registered Nurse - Emergency Room criteria. To clear the filters, click on the My Talent or Our Talent link.
    • The lists now sort by Date Added - Most Recent by default when you first sign into Kamana.
    • The Date Added and Last Updated filters now default to display the newest first. For example, when using the Date Added sort option, the most recently created talent profile will be on top.
    • That said, all sort options can now also be reversed. When choosing a sort option, you can select "A-Z or Z-A" and "Newest First or Oldest First" to more dynamically sort the lists.
    • You can view the 'Last Updated' triggers here.
  • (NEW) Date of Application now displays on Talent list views. The date of application (aka the date the candidate set up their account in your portal) can now be found directly below the profession and specialty. This displays as "Joined on Date and Time."
  • (NEW) Home City and State display on Talent list views. The City and State from the candidate's Personal Information > Tax Home Address can now be found directly below the Joined On date. If a tax home address as not been entered, this field will be hidden.
  • (NEW) Profile Completeness percentage now displays on Talent list views. You will now see a percentage of profile completed displayed for each candidate. We are working to strengthen how this percentage is calculated, but overall this will enable you to quickly tell what profiles are empty, partially complete, or fully/nearly fully complete at a quick glance. You can view the criteria used in the calculation here.
  • (NEW) Real-time talent counts displayed on Talent list views. The total number of talent profiles will now be displayed at the top left of each Talent List view. When you add a filter to the list view, the count will update to how many talent profiles meet that specified criteria. For example, if you choose "Registered Nurse" the count may update to display "25 of 73" to indicate that 25 of the candidates in your portal are RN's.
  • (IMPROVED) "Date Added" now displays uniformly during filter selection. Previously the 'Date Added' sort label was switching between "Date Added" and "Created" depending on the view selected. It now displays Date Added in all cases for clarity.
  • (IMPROVED) "Search Talent" field renamed "Filter Talent" in list views filter. The talent search field on the list views was renamed for clarity since typing here filters the list down (for example, typing "smith" will filter the list to display all candidates with "smith" in their first and last name)
  • (FIXED) Talent search results display fix on mobile. Some users were previously experiencing a bug when attempting to use the 'Global Search' field on a mobile device. This bug has been fixed for all devices so the search results display correctly in real-time.